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Pencil (HB) With Eraser

Eraser Deli Black

Eraser Deli Black

Eraser Fema

Eraser FEMA FE20
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Fema Hi-Polymer erasers deliver high-quality, professional results on handwritten notes and pieces of paper where accuracy is a must. These non-abrasive erasers eliminate stray marks while preserving the integrity of the paper. Eliminate small marks or entire lines of text, and preserve your hand by using very little pressure as you work with the polymer material. FEMA  Hi-Polymer erasers do not crack or harden with age when stored properly, thereby saving you money over the long-term.


Quick, Clean Erasing

Use the corners of these erasers for small marks, or work with an entirely flat surface on one end to erase an entire line of text effortlessly. No matter how you work with these erasers, the results are clean, crisp and professional pages that leave behind no smudges, ghosting or tears. This comes in handy when making photocopies of originals that may make small errors more noticeable in subsequent copies.


Durable Construction

Soft and pliable polyvinyl chloride does not crack or harden with age, which gives you an opportunity to make an economical purchase that lasts. Make sure to keep these erasers in their protective sleeves for best results whether using them or storing them. Quality construction removes pencil lead easily and quickly without a lot of effort for ease of use.

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