Dear Customers, Please be advised that any orders placed after 3:00 PM on Saturday, June 15, 2024, will be delivered after the Eid holidays on Tuesday, June 18, 2024. We appreciate your understanding and wish you a joyful Eid! العملاء الأعزاء، يرجى العلم أن أي طلبات يتم تقديمها بعد الساعة 3:00 مساءً يوم السبت 15 يونيو 2024، سيتم توصيلها بعد إجازة عيد الأضحى يوم الثلاثاء 18 يونيو 2024. نقدر تفهمكم ونتمنى لكم عيداً سعيداً!

About Us

Welcome to iStationery, the home of quality stationery products and unmatched customer service, where shopping for various supplies is a pleasure rather than a chore. Because we know that in today’s stressful world, stationery shopping is sometimes overwhelming rather than pleasurable. Well, not anymore. No more chasing deals in store after store, getting lost in endless isles and carrying all the weight back to your home and or office. Now you can find anything online, so your stationery shopping can be easy, simple and fun, and on top of everything, accompanied by personalized customer service. 

iStationery covers various stationery product needs for school, business and personal affairs, all within one user-friendly website. One simple click and have your supplies sent anywhere in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We’re not just one big soulless corporation that aims to only satisfy a need. We offer you personalized customer service and we vow to treat every wish or doubt with our outmost dedication and care. 


Our Aim

We want to offer you an intuitive online solution for your stationery shopping needs that comes with customized services and personal customer attention, designed and adapted to all the unique needs we’ll encounter. 


Our Mission

Purchasing convenience is part of our main business philosophy. We’ve built our online store to offer you an easy, cost effective, quality, and service-oriented stationery buying experience. No matter your needs or wants, we vow to do our everything to help you get what you need fast, with no complications, and delivered right to your door. 


Our Vision

Our goal is to become the go-to online stationery shopping portal in the whole Kingdom of Bahrain, while keeping the high-quality personalized customer service. We know our world is constantly evolving and we want to be an incremental part of shaping it into a better place for everyone by actively getting involved in uplifting local communities through donations and education.