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Colour Pencil Twin Points Set of 12


Colour Pencil 12 Colour Tube

Pencil 12 Colour Paper Pkt

Pencil 12 Colour Paper Pkt 7570K12C
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The different colour at each end. Set of 12 crayons ie 24 colours. Bruynzeel is the only crayons that never broke anyone. The 2.8 mm thick lead is made of high quality liquid wax pigments, making it easy to apply fantastic colours that can be mixed or applied over layers. Made of cedarwood with an accuracy of 0.05 mm and glued with 2 types of glue along the entire length (not just on the edges like the others).

Then it is virtually impossible for the lead to break. Easy trimming. Especially designed for children to develop fine motor skills, imagination and creativity. You will use them considerably longer than other crayons. Multiply the price of your crayons by 10x and you have their price compared to Bruyneel. Bruynzeel is so interesting for children that he draws even those children who do not enjoy drawing. This problem, then, is not in children, but in assortment and quality.

Bruynzeel, reliable products that children enjoy for many years. Decades of experience in producing and developing artistic materials have made Bruyneel-sakura an expert in pigment refining. This is an advantage over most manufacturers who use inexpensive paints and little if any, inherent knowledge of pigments. This knowledge is reflected in the entire fi Bruyneel-sakura product range, which is then unique in terms of the result, use, use and life of the product itself.

  • Full-length colored pencils
  • 3.3 mm
  • AP certified non-toxic
  • Ideal for drawing methods requiring precise lines, greater detail and control of color
  • Versatile colors blend easily
  • Pre-sharpened, thick, soft leads for easy blending
  • AP Seal of Performance Safety
  • Set includes the following colors: red, red orange, orange, yellow orange, peach, yellow, golden yellow, jade green, yellow green, green, aqua green, light blue, sky blue, blue, violet, pink, magenta, mahogany, tan, light brown, brown, gray, black, and white
  • These pre-sharpened art-quality pencils have
  • Certified AP non-toxic
  • 12 and 24-count box

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