Tombow Pencil Correction Tape Mono PXN

Tombow Pencil Correction Tape Mono PXN

Mechanical Pencil,

Mechanical Pencil, "MONO graph" 0.3mm Standard

Tombow Pencil Correction Tape Mono PXN

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High-quality premier model. Easily refillable correction tape.

Correction tape with improved usability and texture. The sophisticated design and high durability add a personal touch to this office supply. The internal structure further enhances the reliability of the MONO brands.

Product Features

  • A body with a rubber grip

    A double layer of elastomer resin is used for the grip. It ensures a lasting comfortable grip without peeling off because of sweat and friction.

  • Slide head cover

    Transparent resin is used for the cover. It protects the tape from smears.

  • One-touch cartridge

    Simply remove the used cartridge from the back to replace it with a new one with no trouble.

  • Wide transparent window for checking the remaining amount

    The magnifying lens allows you to see the width of the tape.

  • Durable polycarbonate monocoque body

    The internal mechanism is completely separable from the case. Guarantees constantly stable performance without being affected by shock and external pressure.

  • Compatible with the old model (PX series)

    "PXN" cartridges can also be used for the old model (CT-PX).
    *You will not be able to see the tape through the main body window of "PXN" when cartridges of the old model are used.

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